Ride Out Ride On


Ride On Ride Out’s (RORO for short) aim is to bring the joy and freedom of cycling to those who, through disability, stroke, or mobility issues, would otherwise be unable to go out for a ride.

For many clients, cycling has always played an important part in their identities, or their means of getting exercise, and part of RORO’s mission is to help people who, for whatever reason, have lost their ability or the desire to ride to re-find the love of cycling, and re-introduce it to their lives. For others, the prospect of riding a bike, and the confidence, strength and wide-eyed enjoyment it can bring, may be a new prospect. In either case, RORO’s cycle out-reach service is about bringing riding to those who would otherwise be unable to ride themselves – and to open up for them all the life-giving, life-affirming benefits cycling can bring.

The price is £48 per 1 hour and £90 for 2 hours, with the first being a free assessment session