About us

Bristol Mind aims to promote a positive view of mental health and provide services that are accessible, relevant and empowering to the people using them. We aim to contribute to mental and emotional wellbeing and to reduce stigma and discrimination.

Welcome to Bristol Mind

Bristol Mind is a mental health resource for people in Bristol and surrounding areas which

  • promotes wellbeing and recovery
  • delivers counselling to a wide range of clients
  • offers a number of services to refugees and asylum seekers
  • provides information and signposting
  • offers a confidential helpline most evenings including the weekend
  • encourages recovery through volunteering

We recognise that each individual is a resource for their own recovery. Many of our workers, volunteers and trustees have themselves experienced the impact of emotional and mental distress.

Bristol Mind is a Local Mind Association, affiliated to Mind and committed to Mind’s values and quality management standards. We are an independently registered charity, responsible for our own funding and service provision.


Bristol Mind was originally founded in 1965 and is now a registered charity and a limited company. As a registered charity we are managed by a group of trustees who volunteer their time to oversee and support the work of the organisation.

Our aims

  • To be a resource for all people in Bristol who identify themselves as having mental health or emotional support needs, and those who support them
  • To promote emotional and mental wellbeing through delivering high quality services in partnership with others where we can
  • To raise awareness of, and promote positive views about, mental health issues

Bristol Mind believes in raising awareness, reducing stigma and promoting emotional and mental health.


To support everyone in and around Bristol in achieving the best mental health possible

Mission Statement

To provide advice and support to anyone experiencing a mental health problem in our area, wherever they are in their journey to good mental health. We are the positive voice of mental health and wellbeing.


Please give what you can – whether that’s £1, or £100 – to help us to ensure that no-one in our community has to suffer alone. Thank you for your support.

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