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Bristol Mind have launched their ‘Big Give Kind 2 Mind Fundraising Campaign’!

Every £1 donated will be doubled between 14th -28th May!

The focus of the campaign is on providing more free counselling support for 18-25 year olds in Bristol through our Meeting Minds service.

121 Counselling for Young Adults in Bristol

We want to support 30 young adults aged 18-25 across Bristol and South Gloucestershire to access 121 counselling which acknowledges the unique challenges they have faced since COVID19 and helps them to navigate adult life with creativity and confidence.


Young Adults aged 18-25 are struggling to access the most appropriate mental health support for them, with long waiting lists and high costs associated with mainstream counselling. A generation deeply affected by COVID19, young adults cite loss of confidence and identity confusion, greater isolation, and over-reliance on online lifestyles. They also have increased stress and anxiety associated with overwhelming social, economic and environmental problems facing them as they enter adult life.


We want to work more closely with 18-25-year-olds – particularly those with minoritised identities – to discover what modalities and formats of counselling work best for them. We will use this funding to provide timely and appropriate 121 online/ face-to-face counselling, with specialist provision for LGBTQIA and neurodiverse individuals.

Bristol Mind is a mental health resource for people in Bristol and surrounding areas providing:




At Bristol Mind our vision is to support everyone in and around Bristol in achieving the best mental health possible.

We recognise that each individual is a resource for their own recovery. Many of our workers, volunteers and trustees have themselves experienced  the impact of emotional and mental distress.

Bristol Mind is affiliated to National Mind and is committed to National Mind’s values and quality management standards. See the national Mind website.

Want to have your say on Bristol Mind’s services?

We are reaching out to our service users and members of the community because we want to hear from you.

We know that people are dealing with all manner of challenges post-Covid and in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis.

At Bristol Mind, we want to deliver the best possible services and we so we are designing a new project which works directly with you: exploring what we mean by inclusive and accessible mental health and wellbeing support, and how you would want to be involved in designing and delivering better services.

As a starting point we invite you to fill in this detailed survey (which takes about 10 minutes to complete), you are welcome to remain anonymous, however you are welcome to provide your personal details if you’d like to be involved in further design workshops as the project progresses. We want to hear from a range of people, especially those who might not normally engage with mental health and wellbeing activities.

Have your say for your Bristol Mind