A specialist NHS service based at Southmead Hospital for people with eating disorders. Offering ‘stepped care’ from one-off advice sessions to specialist treatment and inpatient care.

To access the service (open to Bristol residents aged 18 and over) a referral to ‘First Step’ is required. You can discuss this with your GP who will be able to refer you.


Bristol Beacon Music Groups

Bristol Beacon Music for Everyone Through the power of creating joyful music together, we hope to enrich lives, empower people with creative potential, and build healthy and happy communities. Bristol Beacon offers a range of music sessions and workshops for… Read more

North Somerset People First

North Somerset People First now also run some services in Bristol. They promote and encourage people with a learning disability, difficulty and/or autism to speak up for themselves, empowering them to be in control of their own lives, now and in the future.

NSPF’s self advocacy services support individuals from the age of 16 to speak up for themselves, be more confident and aware of their rights. These services include Speaking Up Groups, Consultations, Person Centred Planning and Advocacy, and Training Programmes.

Safe Space Support Groups

Bristol charity Changes hold four peer support groups which are categorised as closed safe spaces because they are only open to specific members – Women’s, Men’s, Women of Colour, and LGBTQIA+ online meetings. These groups are open to anybody identifying as part of the community that the group serves.

Robins Talk

Mental wellbeing sessions at Bristol City Football Club aim to help you get active and offer you the opportunity to talk in a safe space. If you are struggling with your mental health or just finding things in life hard, come along and join us. An hour of exercise can help boost your mood, self-esteem and confidence. The sessions are open to any sex or gender, you do not need to be receiving help or diagnosed to attend.

Black Women Pause

Has been set up in response to the pandemic and the events around Black Lives Matter. It is an online safe space for BAME women to share their feelings of fear, anxiety, deep pain, frustration or negative thoughts about Covid-19.… Read more

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