Art Group for Gender Wellbeing

A supportive and sociable wellbeing art group for adults 18+ who identify under the trans and/or non-binary umbrella. The first group is being held on 6th September 7pm – 9pm in Yate and monthly thereafter. Please see Art for Gender Wellbeing… Read more

Ride Out Ride On

Ride On Ride Out’s (RORO for short) aim is to bring the joy and freedom of cycling to those who, through disability, stroke, or mobility issues, would otherwise be unable to go out for a ride.

For many clients, cycling has always played an important part in their identities, or their means of getting exercise, and part of RORO’s mission is to help people who, for whatever reason, have lost their ability or the desire to ride to re-find the love of cycling, and re-introduce it to their lives. For others, the prospect of riding a bike, and the confidence, strength and wide-eyed enjoyment it can bring, may be a new prospect. In either case, RORO’s cycle out-reach service is about bringing riding to those who would otherwise be unable to ride themselves – and to open up for them all the life-giving, life-affirming benefits cycling can bring.

The price is £48 per 1 hour and £90 for 2 hours, with the first being a free assessment session

Teenagers with Experience

We are an online organisation set up by teenagers, for teenagers.
We aim to help teenagers with problems that fit into our four main categories through our own experience, what we learnt from it and how we may have coped.
​We hope that by reading our experiences and advice we can help in any way possible! Feel free to email us regarding applying to write for TWE, complaints, advice or anything else you can think of!

LOTTY – Helpline for Young People

Learning Partnership West has set up a free confidential text and online support service called LOTTY for young people in Bristol aged between 11 and 25. Young people can text confidentially on 07786 20 20 40, contact us on Facebook… Read more


Access over 100 UK Trans support groups and locate one close to you. Detailed profiles offer specific information on the scope of support provided, meeting schedules and contact information.


Online Transgender Medical Clinic, with advice on gender issues, counselling and diagnosis, blood tests and monitoring and prescription medication, plus directory of other resources.

Womankind – Therapy Group for Transgender Women

Do you need to talk about your journey and life as it is today? Are you struggling to find a sense of belonging in the community? Feeling low, anxious or depressed?
Womankind are offering a 12 month group therapy starting Spring 2018. The aim is to provide a therapeutic space where you can share your experiences with others. The group is free. For more information call the Womankind helpline or email Womankind

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