Hate Crime Service

Bristol Hate Crime & Discrimination Services (BHC&DS) is a partnership of six organisations, who work together to get the best outcome for you if you have been a victim of hate crime or discrimination.

In collaboration with our partners Bristol Hate Crime and Discrimination Services (BHCDS) they have provided a resource pack for victims of hate crime that can be viewed here: BHCDS Resource Pack.


What is hate crime?

Hate crime is when someone is targeted because:

  • they are disabled

  • of their race, ethnicity or colour

  • of their religion or beliefs

  • of their gender

  • they are, or appear to be, lesbian, gay, bisexual or questioning

  • they are, or appear to be, transgender

  • they are older

Discrimination is when someone is treated differently for these reasons (including pregnancy and maternity).

Hate crime can include:

  • being hit (physically assaulted)

  • being called names or made fun of (including on social media or by text)

  • being threatened or intimidated

  • receive abusive written communications

  • having your property or possessions damaged or attacked

  • being taken advantage of, or exploited, because of being a disabled person

The six organisations that work together to form the Bristol Hate Crime & Discrimination Services are:

Stand Against Racism & Inequality (SARI)
SARI is the race/faith and hate crime specialist.  They coordinate the Bristol Hate Crime & Discrimination Services.

Off the Record Bristol LGBTQIA+
Working to support BHCDS, OTR Bristol will be providing advice and support to the partnership on issues regarding gender, sexuality and identity. SARI continues to deliver casework services to LGBTQIA+ victims of hate crime.

Brandon Trust
Brandon Trust specialise in supporting disabled people and tackling disability hate crime.

Bristol Mind
Bristol Mind supports victims of disability hate crime due to their mental health, and promotes better mental health for all. Tap here for contact details of our Hate Crime Caseworker

Bristol Law Centre
Bristol Law Centre help people with complex cases involving the law.

Resolve West
Resolve West are able to work with people to resolve conflict and repair harm through direct or indirect communication.

If you have experienced or witnessed hate crime or discrimination, you can report it at any time by calling the freephone number 0800 171 2272 or by emailing report@bhcds.org.uk 

You can contact our Hate Crime Case Worker, Blessing, directly at hatecrimecasework@bristolmind.org.uk 

Or you can visit the website: www.bhcds.org.uk


If you are in danger call the police immediately on 999