Men’s Mental Health Month

This November is Men’s Health Awareness Month, and this year Bristol Mind has set up a campaign to #GetMenTalking. Statistically Men are less likely to reach out to ask for help – they make up only a 1/3 of NHS referrals for counselling despite accounting for 75% of all suicides. This year we have partnered with our corporate partners, TMW Unlimited, Baltimore Consulting and Home Leisure Direct who invited men in their organisations to discuss their own mental health. One of the key threads throughout is that talking helps. This month we really want to highlight the strength it takes to make that first step to speak out, but how it is so crucial for people to do so. Reach out, whether to a family member, a friend or a colleague. There are also some great organisations that are available to support, both in Bristol and nationally, the details of some are available here.

These testimonies also illustrate how discussions in male friendships, sporting activities and taking time out can also support maintaining good mental health.

  • Terry, Baltimore Consulting - Senior Consultant – Adult Social Care "Something I am very passionate about - too many men suffer in silence as they think they are being strong and getting on with it. The key thing I… Read more
  • Vic, Baltimore Consulting - Assistant Director of Sales and Customer Experience "I struggle with my mental health on a cyclical basis, and have identified ways of trying reduce the negative impact on myself and those around me. I have… Read more
  • Karl, Baltimore Consulting - Divisional Manager - NHS "I personally suffer high levels of anxiety following personal trauma over the last year especially. Having gone through 6-months of counselling, I have learnt that a problem shared is a problem… Read more
  • Anonymous, TMW - "For me, it's all about balance, keeping perspective and carefully choosing the people around you. Balance - means it's important for me to have a number of thumbs in a number of pies so no… Read more
  • Anonymous, TMW - "I have in the past used meditation and this has been a help, but have got out of practice with this. I also run 5km twice a week and this is a great way to… Read more
  • Anonymous, TMW - "I've been skateboarding with a lot of the same guys for over 20 years now. We have a regular Thursday night session at various skateparks and street spots around Bristol, it's not all skating though… Read more
  • Oliver, TMW - "I think the best thing for keeping my mental health on track is music. Music has that positive power that is almost difficult to describe - how certain melodies, chords, lyrics and sound frequencies come… Read more
  • Anonymous, TMW - "Talk, talk and keep talking. Sharing your thoughts and feelings is vital. Along with this, I also find that being outside really helps. I'll take a long walk with no distractions; this helps me re-focus… Read more
  • Anonymous, TMW - "I find it really important to get out for an hour a day on the bike. Whether that's before work or an extended lunch break (always need a shower after!!!), it ensures I have had… Read more
  • Anonymous, TMW - "Hard as it is these days to take a mental break from the day to day, I think it really helps to take a step back and remember all the positive things in your life… Read more
  • Lucas, TMW - "I went through CBT at the start of the year, and the hardest part was picking up the phone and  dialling in. The initial call I was constantly in tears, whilst I was speaking to… Read more
  • Ewan, TMW - "Over the last 6 or 7 years I really learnt a lot about myself and my mental health. Like anyone out there I’ve had my challenges with mental health whether anxiety, stress or simply overthinking.… Read more
  • Alastair, TMW - "Life is busy and hectic. Pressures of work, balancing home life, juggling home finances, bringing up four children and trying to always show a positive outward demeanour can sometimes be too much. I have spoken… Read more
  • Anonymous – Home Leisure Direct - "Being autistic brings its own set of mental health challenges, especially if the life you know is suddenly disrupted by either life events or other external factors. For me, I can't overstate the importance of… Read more
  • Anonymous – Home Leisure Direct - "Friendship groups in guys are super under utilised. Your bros are there to lean on for the down times, not just the good times. Don't be scared to be the first to open up in… Read more