At Bristol Mind, we recognise that LGBTQ+ people can be at a higher risk of experiencing a mental health problem than the wider population.

The reasons for this are complex and not always fully understood. However, mental health problems experienced by LGBTQ+ people have been linked to discrimination, bullying, homophobia, biphobia and transphobia.

You may also experience rejection, negative reactions or hostility from family members, friends, strangers, employers or members of the religious community. This can have a big impact, on your self-esteem, feelings about your sexuality and or gender identity. It may make you feel unable to be open about yourself at work, home or in the world at large.

Bristol Mind wants to provide for adults (over 18yrs) an honest non-judgemental space and the opportunity to talk about any aspect of themselves and their life experiences. Counselling and Art Therapy can help individuals explore current or past feelings and experiences, relationships with others, general mental and emotional wellbeing. Our therapies enable clients to talk to people who may understand, perhaps just a little bit more, because they too have lived experience of being LGBTQ+

All of the counsellors and therapists working within the services below have lived LGBTQ+ experience.

MindLine Trans+

Monday & Friday Evenings, 8pm-midnight
a free confidential emotional and mental health support helpline for people who identity as Trans, Agender, Gender Fluid, Non-binary and their family members.

Meeting Minds LGBTQ+ Counselling

Contact us to ask about availability
one-on-one therapy delivered by counsellors with lived experience of being LGBTQ+, offered to adults 18+ at an affordable rate dependent on disposable household income.

Further support

Bristol Hate Crime and Discrimination Service

Bristol Mind are also part of this service
for individuals experiencing hate crime and discrimination on the basis of race, gender, sexual identity, age, mental health and physical disability. We are partnered with SARI, Brandon Trust, LGBT Bristol, Avon and Bristol Law Centre and Bristol Mediation in delivering this service. Not all workers in this service have LGBTQ+ lived experience but they have received equality and diversity training.