Vic, Baltimore Consulting

Assistant Director of Sales and Customer Experience

“I struggle with my mental health on a cyclical basis, and have identified ways of trying reduce the negative impact on myself and those around me. I have 2 therapy sessions a month – talking (especially whilst I was at my lowest) is a needed outlet in order for me to rationalise my thoughts and have a sense of clarity.

“Exercise for me is key and running is my outlet; the fact that the company I work for encourages and supports employees wellbeing means I can go for a run during work hours which helps alleviate stress and keep my mental focus.

“I struggle with parental guilt, so making sure that I spend quality time with my daughter (more so on a 1-2-1 basis) helps me battle any intrusive thoughts about the fact that I’m not always as present as my wife during the week due to work commitments.”