Book Event for World Homeless Day

Held on Wednesday 10th October 2018 at 7pm, Waterstones Bristol BS1 3XD

Coinciding with World Homeless Day, an event has been organised at Bristol Waterstones featuring the book No Homeless Problem by Seamus Fox.

Having experienced homelessness himself, Seamus understands the social and human injustices that often result in many people finding themselves living in the street. At Emmaus – a charity offering socially excluded people the opportunity for a new life – he met hundreds of other people just like him. His book is as much a collection of their personal experiences as his own, showing the frank reality of what it means to be homeless to a wider audience.

“Anyone who may have casually dismissed homeless people as being parasites should read what Séamus has written. It is insightful, moving and compelling.”

Terry Waite CBE, President of Emmaus UK

The evening will include book readings, live music, questions and answers, together with excellent opportunities for networking. In addition, Seamus will be available to give signed copies of No Homeless Problem.  Everyone is invited to come and the event is FREE