Anonymous, TMW

“For me, it’s all about balance, keeping perspective and carefully choosing the people around you. Balance – means it’s important for me to have a number of thumbs in a number of pies so no one thing dominates my life.

Work will always take up the most time – but balance that with outside interests that take your mind away from it for long periods. Make at least one of those things something you do for other people – giving back in some way is good for your mental health. Sport, hobbies, socialising, charity work – all help maintain a balanced mind. Personally I’ve also found a 4 day week creates a more sensible balance in life – and the reduction in salary is well worth it for the mental health benefits it brings.

Perspective – this is about never over-celebrating your achievements or getting too down about your failures. Your inner demons would have you believe that it will be worse than it really will be. At the beginning of each day, you can only do your best, right? So just do that. No-one can expect more of you than that. Also, don’t take too much notice of the things that seem to be stressing you at night – they are never as bad as you think they are when you’re properly awake and thinking clearly.

Easier said than done – but the worst moments are often those worries that keep us at night – but it’s never as bad as your subconscious demons would have you believe. People – the people around you have a big influence on your mental health. Surround yourselves with positive, uplifting people who like you for who you are. Sometimes, particularly at work, you come across people who sap your energy and make you feel negative or inadequate – recognise who they are and stay away from them. If it becomes to much – leave.

Life is too short and to be enjoyed – you can only do that fully if you have the right people around you.”