Anonymous, TMW

“Talk, talk and keep talking. Sharing your thoughts and feelings is vital. Along with this, I also find that being outside really helps. I’ll take a long walk with no distractions; this helps me re-focus on what’s going on in my life as well as being beneficial to my overall fitness. Take some “me time”…it may sound a bit cheesy, but it works for me. Life and work are always busy, so taking a break from it all, even for a little while, really works.

“I have been through many personal tragedies; close family bereavements, 2 friends who have taken their own lives, relationship breakdowns, feelings of guilt and sorrow I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Throughout everything, I’ve learned that the people around you do care, and being open and honest on how you’re feeling doesn’t burden them, they want to help. Everything is a learning experience, and you need to learn to trust your feelings and go with them. Bottling them up really does make things work. So, from someone who has been there, done that and every now and then still wears the T-Shirt….it’s ok not to be ok – just make sure you tell someone.”