Your stories: write a blog for Bristol Mind

We want to hear from you

Blogs and stories shine a light on mental health and help people get the support they need. You can help others by telling your story. We want to hear from you and use our collective voice to challenge stigma and change attitudes.

Contact us

Send your story over to including any images as attachments.


How to

Blogs work best when the style is informal and conversational. Here are some tips:

  • Write as if you were talking. Picture someone you’d like to tell your story to and imagine telling it to them in person as you write.
  • Be yourself. Don’t feel you need to be ‘a writer’– just be you! Let your personality come through in your writing (writing as if you were talking will help with this).
  • Use short words instead of long words where possible, for example ‘try’ instead of ‘endeavour’.
  • Use short sentences and short paragraphs.
  • Please write no more than 1,500 words!
  • You can include a website or call to action! That might be a specific event or a book you’d like to share. Thank you 🙂

Things we’d love to hear about

Mental health problems, experiences of stigma, discrimination, hate crime
Wellbeing, fitness, tips, getting outdoors, animals and wellbeing
Awareness dates
June & July: Pride
June: Refugee Week, International Fathers’ Mental Health Day
September: World Suicide Prevention Day
October: World Mental Health Day
November: National Stress Awareness Day, International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day
November: Anti-bullying week, Men’s mental health month