MindLine volunteering

Volunteers get full training on the telephone helpline and then work on a rota basis answering calls Wednesday to Sunday, 8pm to midnight

What we offer you

  • extensive, high quality training
  • be part of a lively team
  • regular supervision and support
  • travel expenses
  • the opportunity to develop your skills and build your knowledge

 What we expect from you

  • agree to work with us for at least a year
  • attend all the training sessions
  • work a four-hour shift each fortnight
  • receive supervision after you have worked on the helpline
  • attend volunteer meetings

A volunteer’s experience of MindLine

Read about Tom’s experience of volunteering with MindLine.

Information on training to be a volunteer

This training will take place over approximately 6 weeks, during which time there are five Monday all-day sessions (9:30am-5pm) and six Wednesday evening sessions (6:30pm-9pm). Prospective volunteers MUST be able to attend all of the training days and evening in order to be excepted onto the training.

Our Information Pack for MindLine Training gives a full outline of what you can expect from the training.

Please note we are no longer looking for volunteers at this time. We will announce on the website when we are training again so please keep a look out.

How to volunteer

If you are interested in volunteering please call 0117 980 0381 to register you interest or email volunteering@bristolmind.org.uk